Farsley Rehoboth Burial Ground Tour


Farsley Rehoboth Cemetery


1 Coal Hill Lane, Farsley



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You are invited to tour a 200 year old burial ground that for years was neglected and untended. It is now being reclaimed as a community asset to share its heritage, war graves, nature and ecology.

The Farsley Rehoboth Baptist Burial Ground was a place of internment from 1785 to 2000 and reflected the growth of Farsley, in particular its textile industry with many prominent residents buried there.

In total, there are circa 4,000 local people interred in the Rehoboth all with their own stories and contributing to the growth and history of Farsley.

It covers 2 acres and is situated off Coal Hill Lane, Farsley, close to the junction with Bagley Lane. For decades there was no access to visit graves (including registered War Graves) without trespass. The neglect of the steep and wooded two-acre site was massive.

In 2019 our Charity purchased the Rehoboth as a community asset, reclaiming the graveyard as well as preserving the ecology and landscape with more than 23,000 volunteer hours invested.

By the power of both online and offline media we have galvanised the community to take ownership, through their commitment and skills within this unique project with a large number of unpaid volunteers and supporters.

Our work sessions since we obtained access and cut the chains on the gates have constructed a network of excavated roads to allow all weather and wheelchair access. All materials excavated are reused for walls and structures.

On 11th November 2019, we held our first Armistice Day Service, featured on BBC Look North and have received media coverage on numerous media channels.

The Rehoboth is an ecological wonderland.

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