Sunny Bank Mills


Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley, Pudsey




10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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About this event

Join textile designer Millie Rothera for a morning of screen printing to create your own lampshade! You will explore screen printing, a historic craft still used today on textiles and paper, and learn how to turn your fabric into a lampshade. All skills that you can continue developing at home.

Screen printing is an effective form of hand printing where you push pigmented ink through a fine woven silk screen using a tool called a squeegee, and onto either fabric or paper. By pushing the ink through the fine mesh only a thin layer of colour is deposited onto the material surface, creating an evenly printed image. This process can be performed over and over again making it an ideal printing method for mass production.

In this introductory workshop Millie will use her eight years of screen printing and textile experience to guide you through each step to creating your own designed, printed and lampshade construction. To start the workshop you will design your own pattern, choose the colour for your design, mix the colour using pigments and screen print your design onto fabric using a paper stencil, a silk screen and squeegee. We will then heat set your design once it has dried and turn your fabric into a lampshade.

Participants will be shown demonstrations as well as have guided one-to-one help and advice on how to achieve the best results.

The workshop will involve:

· Introduction to the basic tools needed to screen print

· Designing a pattern through drawing

· Cutting the design from paper

· Choosing a colour with the help of colour cards

· Learning how to mixing your chosen colour

· Screen printing onto fabric

· Constructing your lampshade

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